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1st child of William & Catherine Pickering born 1901 married 1929 Victor Brew. The family lived in Chelsea, they had five children; Oswald Brew; Stanley Brew; Alan Brew; Bobby Brew, born 25-4-1924; Bert Brew, married Janet.


henry.jpg (10048 bytes)2/ Henry (Harry) Stanley PickeringBack to Index 2nd. child of William & Catherine Pickering, born 13 Jan.1903 in Nar Nar Goon. As a young man Henry was sent by his father to Melbourne to join the police force. However Henry had no intention of being a policeman. He stayed on the train as far as Maffra then alighted and found himself a job in the big meat factory that was there then, he later went into butchering. He married Mavis Mascall Button from Ultima, at Heyfield in 1921. Their first three children were born in Heyfield. With three small children and another due Mavis went to her parents in Ultima for the birth of Gladys, although the family were still living in Hayfield. The next baby, Thomas Lloyd was born at Chelsea, down by the sea. It is thought Mavis and the children were staying with Henry’s sister Ethel. The family then moved to Traralgon where the last baby, Hazel was born. Mavis died in Traralgon two years later.

Harry and his family continued to live in Traralgon, where he became a slaughterman and reputedly was an expert at his trade.

For those not familiar with the workings of a slaughter yard, in those days--maybe still--the animal to be slaughtered is herded into a pen called a 'crush' because it had a mechanically moveable side the came in and held 'crushed' the beast in a confined space. The slaughterman stood above the crush with a spear, about  6 ft. long and waited for the animal to drop its head, even for a second, then spear the beast to sever the spine so causing immediate death without agitation or stress to the beast which would cause the meat to go tough.

Harry is remembered by his youngest son as a dedicated worker, who cared for his family and friends.   

In 1936 his young wife died tragically, leaving him with 6 small children. He remarried 3 years later, Sarah Helen Esler and picked up the threads of his life. He was a good provider for his family, tending an extensive vegetable garden. During the lean years of the war, and the difficult times after, Harry and "Auntie" (as the 6 earlier children called their stepmother), although poor themselves, were rich in spirit and basics of life, and offered friendship, food, and sometimes lodging to many friends and family who were less fortunate.

The six children of Henry (Harry) Stanley and Mavis Pickering are:

1/ Kevin Stanley Pickering 1st. child of Harry & Mavis Pickering born 28-3-1923, at Heyfield, worked as a slaughterman with his father, he married Dorothy Cain, live in Swan Hill, they have six children:

1/ Mavis Pickering; married William Dunstone, they have Ashley Dunstone; Grant Dunstone; Tracey Dunstone.

2/ Heather Pickering (Stanbury)

3/ Stanley Pickering

4/ Valerie (Rose) Pickering; married Kevin Wohler they live in Canberra.

5/ Keith Pickering;

6/ Edna Pickering;

7/ Valerie Pickering.

2/ Hilda Mavis Pickering 2nd. child of Harry & Mavis Pickering, born 25-10-1925, at Heyfield. After finishing school Hilda worked at the doctors surgery as real ‘girl Friday’ her duties ranged from cleaning, preparing breakfast, polishing and hanging out the brass sign to being receptionist when the surgery opened. Hilda married Harry Flowers (dec. 1991). Harry was a motor mechanic, superintendent of the garage at Maryvale Nth. He was also a very keen fisherman. Hilda and Harry have three children.

1/Patrica Ann Flowers, born 23-1-1948; was dux of the school the year after her cousin Leesa had been dux. Patrica married Brian Michael Andjolkovic.  They have Michael Brian, born 3-9-1968, married Ann Marie Bruse they have three daughters and a son. Patrica married Gary Street they have Natalie who is 7,  (the marriage has dissolved.)

2/ Daryl Henry Flowers born 7-3-1952; married Karen Johnson their first son Mark David only lived a couple of hours. They also have Shane Luke born 7-7-1983, and Belinda Jane born 20-8-1985.

3/Colin David Flowers born 18-4-1956, married Vicki Melbourne they have Dallas born 24-8-1983, and Joy Stacey born 22-9-1985. Vicki is a dance teacher.

The children are all heavily involved in the CFA and have won a number of skills competitions. Colin is presently the second highest competitor in Victoria. Harry died on the 1-1-1991, age 66. Hilda still lives in Traralgon and has a business project propagating and selling plants at the local markets with her sister Hazel.

3/ Edna Fay Pickering 3rd. child of Harry & Mavis Pickering, born 24-12-1926, at Heyfield. Fay, as she is generally known has always had an independent spirit, and against her fathers wishes went to work at the Maryvale Paper Mill. The other girls were rather envious of her because she was earning ₤2-10, when they were only getting 7/6d. Fay is a very sports and community minded person. As a result of her many interests in the community she has been awarded the Citizen of the Year award; and a Quiet Achievers award. She is president of the CWA; first-aider for the junior football club, tennis player and coach, and also sings in the choir of the Anglican Church. Fay’s interest in sport has been inherited by her children who are all very active in their chosen fields. Fay married Jack Langstaff, born 18-11-1914 in England, served in the 2nd. AIF, he died 14-3-1990. Fay still lives in Traralgon near her sisters and many of her children and grandchildren. Jack and Fay have eight children.

1/ Gail Mascall Langstaff born 21-5-1952, plays squash, tennis & hockey and is a life member of the hockey club. In 1971 Gail married farmer Thomas Anthony Phelan, they have Brett Anthony Phelan born 7-8-1971& Mandy Phelan born 1-2-1973 married Stephen Hourigan, who is a panel beater.

2/ John William Langstaff born 24-11-1953, is an electrical engineer, also plays squash and tennis. John married firstly 15-12-1973 Judith Rose Malby, they had Michael John Langstaff and Steven Langstaff. He married secondly on the 1-12-1984 Julie O’Callahan they have Thomas Langstaff born 4-12-1986.

3/ Glen Henry Langstaff born 6-9-1955, plays football and cricket. Glen married 10-6-1978 Jane Maree Kerr. they have Jay Daniel Langstaff born 23-3-1980; and Hayly Maree Langstaff born 31-8-1982.

4/ Cynthia Joy Langstaff born17-7-1959 plays hockey married 30-7-1977 Gregory Morgan. They have Ben Lee Morgan born 9-1-1977 & Casandra Louise Morgan born 1-9-1978.

5/ Neil Thomas Langstaff born 5-5-1960 married 3-10-1981 Judith Merle Green. They have five children: 1/ Joel Isacc Langstaff born 6-4-1982; 2/ Rohan William Langstaff born 17-5-1983; 3/ Jo Meryl Langstaff born 12-5-1984; Meg Katherine Langstaff born 6-7-1985; and 5/ Daniel Thomas Zachariah Langstaff born 12-8-1986.

4/ Gladys Catherine Pickering 4th child of Harry & Mavis Pickering, born 9-7-1928 at Ultima, after finishing school Gladys worked at La Mode. Her interests are dancing and aerobics. She married  Gerald Albert (Bert) Freeman in 1953 (dec 1992). Bert was a slaughterman and served in the RAAF; also for 20 years was Caretaker at the Traralgon High School. Bert and Gladys have seven children: 
1/ Jenny born 27-2-1953 is a secretary in Melbourne; 
2/ Gerard Wayne Freeman born 18-5-1954 is a crane and heavy machinery driver. He married Christine Gardener, they have Travis Freeman; Sarah Freeman; & Benjamin Freeman. The marriage dissolved and in 1990 Wayne moved to Perth. 
3/ Gary Melvin Patrick Freeman born 13-6-1955, married Ann Laws in 1975 and moved to Mulwai. Gary is a builder. Gary and Ann have four children: Daniel Joshua Freeman; twins Tess Freeman & Skye freeman; & Bonnie Freeman.
4/ Thomas (Tommy) John Freeman
born 4-10-1956 is a crane driver, he married Rosemary Dungey, they have four children; Cameron Freeman; Lomond Freeman; Thomas Freeman; & Michael Freeman. 
Ian Michael Freeman born 10-3-1958 married Monica Pawluck at Churchill. 
6/ Helen Margaret Freeman born 6-1-1960 married Clive Whitby, from Frankston; they have Helen Whitby; Peta Whitby; Alisa Susan Whitby& Clive Whitby. 
7/ Susan Mary Freeman. born 11-11-1962 married Ian Fitch from Ararat; they have
Eleasha Fitch; Timothy Fitch; & Nicolas Fitch.

Bert died on the 29-7-1992, he is buried in the Traralgon Cemetery. Gladys still lives in Traralgon.

5/ Thomas Lloyd Pickering 5th child of Harry & Mavis Pickering born 8-12-1930, at Chelsea was a also a slaughterman.   He married Bernace Robinson from Hazelwood, they moved to Yarram where Tom was a dedicated community man as evidence in the eulogy below:

"Tom Pickering Outstanding citizen dies".

The recipient of two awards for Outstanding Citizenship, the late Tom Pickering’s record of service to his town and district would be hard to match.

while his particular interests were with St. John Ambulance, the state emergency Service, the Scouts and the Shire, tom’s helping hand stretched far and wide to numerous other causes.

His work for the community earnt him the 1982 Yarram Jacee’s citizen award and the 1983 Shire of Alberton Australia Day citizenship award.

He was also a life governor of the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Lloyd Thomas Pickering of Evelyn St. Yarram died at the Yarram and district hospital on 9th August, after a serious illness…..His early years were spent in Traralgon and as a young man he was involved with the Church of England Fellowship. At the age of 14 he went to work at Marsh’s slaughter yard and when he came to Yarram 36 years ago, he worked for Bird’s butchers. Twelve years ago he joined the outdoor staff of the Shire of Alberton, working for many years as the town patrolman. Tom married the former Bernice Robinson at Traralgon 33 years ago and the couple reared a family of five. when the State Emergency Service was established in the shire of Alberton in 1971, the late tom Pickering was one of the inaugural members. It was Tom’s expertise and knowledge, gained with the Civil Defence and St. John Ambulance, that proved so valuable in training the local SES members. He was controller of the service at the time of his death.

Twenty two years ago Tom joined the scouting movement as assistant scout master at Yarram. He was district scout leader for the Promontory District until his retirement about five years ago.

Tom was well respected in the community and tributes were paid by George Scammel, former scout leader; Cr. Allan Macdonald, shire President; and Maurice Bradworth of the Yarram Police."

Tom is buried in the Won Wron cemetery, near Yarram.

The children of Tom and Bernace are:

Ken Pickering; Kathy Pickering ; David Pickering, married Jeanene; Peter Pickering married Jill Cadbolt; Robyn Pickering married Jeff Randall.

6/ Hazel Patrica Pickering sixth child of Harry & Mavis Pickering, born 1934 at Traralgon, was only two years old when her mother died, married Fredrick McPherson. Hazel and Fred have one daughter Deborah Ann McPherson. They also fostered a number of children, many of whom still keep in contact with the family. Hazel still lives in Traralgon, and helps her sister Hilda with plant propagating and sales, despite having been severely injured in an accident in 1992. Hazel has enormous courage and maintains a positive outlook on life. Fred died on the 24-6-1995 age 68, is buried in Traralgon Cemetery.

Henry Stanley (Harry) and Sarah Pickering, had one son

Walter (Wally) Roland Pickering born 10-1-1940, at Sale hospital, Wally started his education at the local Primary and High schools, before going on to Melbourne University. Wally has been a very enterprising business man from an early age. After a year at University Wally worked in a Chemist shop for a time, at the same time opening a coffee shop known as ‘The Devil’s Inn’, decorated with bullock heads and mouse traps, I believe!! In 1969 he spearheaded a local political movement in Higgins electorate in Melbourne, and supported by many friends and business, stood for the fledgling Australia Party in the Federal elections that year. He collected almost 6 % of the primary vote in a blue ribbon mainstream party electorate.

He worked for Thomas Meadows & Co (Aust) Pty. Ltd. International Freight Forwarders and associate company, Australian Forwarding Agency Pty. Ltd., , in Melbourne, from 1959 until 1970. The company then asked Wally to go to Hong Kong to set up a branch of the company there, with expansion to other centres in Asia, including subsidiary and associate companies in Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand.

In 1974, Meadowsfreight (Hong Kong) Ltd., was the first freight company in Hong Kong to install a computer system, and pioneered electronic transmission of documentation, and electronic tracking of shipments.  While there he opened in Hong Kong a restaurant called ‘The Stoned Crow’, which specialised in food imported from Australia.

He returned to Australia in 1984 as managing director of the Australian associate company, Australian Forwarding Agency Pty. Ltd, but resigned that position in 1985—exhausted—.  

He then went into partnership in a very successful venture with two garden centres in inner Sydney. The partners sold the last of these (Leichhardt Garden Centre) in Nov. 1999, so Wally is now retired—sort of—(he tells me). He has retained his interest in systems analysis and computers, and is webmaster for GreenGold Nurseries Pty. Ltd ( and Traralgon & District Historical Society Inc., (, as well as maintaining his own website at

 Wally never married, but maintains many friends and interests in Sydney, Traralgon, and Asia, where he jointly owns property in Hong Kong, and Pattaya, Thailand

Henry married thirdly Ida Kennedy; there were no children to this marriage.

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